KLKP is FULL for 2024.
We are so grateful for all of the community support!


Please fill out the forms below if you would like to be put on the waiting or cancellation list for this year for either week.

This year we are excited to have online registration! Please let us know if you run into any hiccups with the process, as it is still very new. You can select the form from the button above, or fill out the embedded forms below.

NOTE: in the main KLKP We ARE offering any “raw beginner” options in Clawhammer banjo and CELLO  but only in Week ONE! 

For KIDS KLKP, raw beginner on fiddle, guitar or ukulele is welcome. 

For Regular KLKP Camp: 

Guitar and piano players should have an understanding of their instrument and several chords/ scales. Fiddler should be able to play several simple tunes. Banjo players should have a solid bum-diddy going on. (Unless you’re in Week ONE Raw Beginner Banjo or cello)

Offered each week are different instruments. Here is the breakdown..

Week ONE:  Fiddle / Patti & Alex Fiddle / Raw Beginner Cello / Raw Beginner Clawhammer Banjo / Guitar / Piano / Art / Vocal Harmony

Week TWO: Fiddle / Cello / Banjo / Guitar/ Piano / Art / Vocals & Self Accompaniment

A few notes for all camp registrations:
– You will need to fill out one form per person, per week of camp.
– The form will tally the amount you owe, but you cannot pay online. E-Transfers or checks only!
– You will receive an email detailing all your registration choices when you submit the form, and we will send you another confirmation email once we receive your payment.

REGULAR KLKP WAITLIST REGISTRATION (see kids camp further down on this page):

Regular KLKP Waitlist:

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Kids KLKP Waitlist:

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Regular KLKP Waitlist:

Kids KLKP Waitlist: