Week 1 2017 Instructor Tunes
Andrea – Highland Whiskey
Andrea- Potatoes and Herring
Ben – The Sam River
Ben – The Star of Mundster
Booker – Boil Them Cabbages
Booker – Liza Jane
Donna – Hollow Water Hoedown
Karrnnel – Purple beads
Karrnnel Star of Munster
Kim – Tree of Life
Kim – Yvon Dumont
Marcel _peanut Butter Jam
Nathan – Morrison’s Jig
Nathan – Squirrel Hunters Jig
Ray – He’s A Pirate
Ray – Redwing
Stacey – Cripple Creek
Stacey – John Ryan’s Polka
Trent – Billy in the Low Ground
Trent – The Leading Role
Week 2 2017 Instructor Tunes
Ameena – Chase Me Charlie
Ameena – Mairi’s Wedding
Ameena – The Gravel Road’s Jig
Ben Knorr – Calliope House
Ben Plotnick – Palmer’s Gate
Ben Plotnick – Dixie Hoedown Slow and then Fast
Donna – Lucky Trapper’s Reel
Donna – Rannie McClellan
Eric – Sally Anne’s Great Big Taters
Kai-Poor Girl’s Waltz
Kanndece – McNabb’s Hornpipe
Kanndece Boil The Cabbage
Karrnnel – A Waltz For Amy
Karrnnel – Crooked Stovepipe
Marcel – Egan’s Polka
Morgan – Go Tell Aunt Roadie
Morgan – Spy Medley
Ray – Chirps and William’s
Ryan – Pelican Reel
Ryan -Peanut Butter Jam
Shane – Bill Munroe’s Old Danger Field
Shane Kilts on Fire-The Dusky Meadow-Mackerel and Tatees Medly
Ward – A Happy Home
Ward – Father Charlie Cheverie
Ward – The Headlands March