By McKenzie Warriner, KLKP Summer Student

The makeup of our Kitchen Party is diverse in every way – we come from all over North America, and our ages range from 1 to 91. Some of us are full-time musicians, while others delight in music as an escape from day-to-day life. We come from all different genres and instruments, and we all have different backgrounds and beliefs, but we all come together for our love of music. That’s why Kitchen Party is such a wonderful community – we learn from and are supported by everyone. This summer we wanted to highlight our incredible camp-goers, so we are creating videos that tell the stories of some our participants, and why they come to KLKP.

Our first video features the Hiebert Kids – Cai, Shiloh, and Jonah. They are talented up-and-coming strings players in the Winnipeg classical music scene, but they are also enthusiastic students at Kitchen Party every summer. Check out this video to see what they think classical musicians can learn from KLKP!