Instructors listed alphabetically: Biographies will be added as instructors are added to the 2023 Roster.

Michele Amy (Camp Director Both Weeks)                                               

 Camp originator and visionary, Michele leads the Kitchen party Music Inc. Board, and provides the loving labour which creates the beast of KLKP. A musician who plays and teachers multiple instruments (piano, fiddle, guitar, banjo) she fills in if an instructor is unable to teach for some reason. Her instructional series “Just Fiddling Around” is a staple resource used in fiddle studios across Canada. You will see her on the KLKP main-stage introducing the day to students and staff alike, running about providing encouragement and information, establishing the concerts each evening, playing in the dance band and throwing infinite sticks for her dog, Freya. In her normal life, Michele is a writer,  a traveler, a food aficionado, a community builder and a passionate lifelong learner.



Ryan D’Aoust Week TWO only : Fiddle

From Norway House MB,Ryan grew up learning the fiddle in the Frontier Fiddle program, and returned as an instructor to motivate another generation of young players.  He is an amazing fiddler with a smooth and playful style, a big booming laugh and a gleeful approach to life.  We love the energy he brings with him, his joyful friendship and the connections he makes with his students to nurture them along their path to exceptional playing. Ask him about bows and he shall wax poetic for far too long, so beware!  Accompanying Ryan will be his sidekick pooch Coda. 

Emily Dubois:  Fiddle:  Week TWO Kids’ KLKP

Hailing originally from Langbank, Emily grew up at KLKP, returned and taught at the first Kids’ camp, completed her internship program, and went on to study fiddle/ music at University of Victoria under the direction of Daniel Lapp (among others). She spent many years performing as part of the super-group Coastline under the direction of Ivonne Hernandez, and also served as President of the Victoria Fiddlers Association.  She is continuing her Arts education as she pursues Music Management, and teaches in a busy studio in Vancouver. Emily brings great creativity and energy to her playing and performing, and a solid teaching style when working with students.  We are pleased to see some of these musicians come full circle, and return as dedicated teachers at KLKP. 

Mitchell Dureault Fiddle/ Banjo: Week One and Two Kids KLKP

Originally from Wolsley and now making his home in Saskatoon, Mitch is also a KLKP student come full circle.  He began attending KLKP at an early age, continued his fiddle/ violin education  and now serves as both the President of the C.A.M.P. program in Northern Saskatchewan, working to ensure quality music education for students in the Northern regions of the province, as well as serving as the Executive director of the Montremart “All Folked Up” Festival.    Mitch is passionate about traditional music and passing on the tunes of our predecessors.  His skills at teaching have been honed over years of practise. 

Will Elliott (Tech/Sound/Admin – Both Weeks)                

Where there is a Will there is a way… he does the stuff around camp: set up, sound, fixing, trouble shooting, recording, wiring, hauling… you name it, he’s the guy to look for before KLKP and during. There are always unsung heroes in any festival or volunteer situation, and this is one of our backbones. 

Tom Gammons: Guitar Week TWO
Another full circle KLKP participant, Tom originally attended KLKP as a student, learning from such guitar masters as Jake Charron, Ken Hamm, Ben Knorr . He continued his education at the Berklee College campus in P.E.I.  where he currently makes his home.  Now playing with the group Inn Echo, who is becoming a high-demand group in festivals world-wide; they spent the winter playing festivals in Australia, and plan to tour many major festivals in Canada in the summer of 2023.  They were recently featured at the Ottawa’s celebration of the coronation of King Charles.  Tom actively pursues diverse education to further his own playing, but has also become the Island’s go-to guitarist for trad musicians, leading sessions, playing dances when not touring his own material.  We are so pleased that Tom still makes time for KLKP each year.
Marcel Hapel:  fiddle/ banjo/ GUITAR (week TWO)
A versatile musician and all around exceptional player, Marcel makes people joyful when he is around.  When he’s teaching or playing, his energy is infectious and his focus on helping people become the best musician possible is apparent.  Marcel has long been a staple at KLKP, serving in various capacities and volunteering when he’s not teaching.   He honed his fiddle skills within the Frontier fiddle program, and then pursuing  performance violin in an Education degree at the University of Brandon, and he’s really honed his chops.  But at the moment, he is very busy inventing/ designing/ building a new type of portable cabin out of lumber he has harvested and milled himself, among other projects.  He’s just that kind of guy – down to earth, completely talented and big-hearted. 
Randy Jones: Fiddle week ONE:
The Gentleman Fiddler , Randy embodies  the best of the Old Tyme dance style.  His kind teaching techniques and gentle presence make him a favourite wherever he teaches.  He is a very busy volunteer with the Alberta society of fiddlers and the Wild Rose Fiddle association, teaching at many camps and performing widely. HIs big laugh, kind presence and willingness to pitch in  make him an asset everywhere he goes. 

Daniel Koulack Both WEEKS                    

Daniel Koulack, whose music includes a broad range of genres, is a respected multi-instrumentalist and teacher on the Canadian music scene. At eleven years of age he bought a banjo with money saved up from his paper route, and a year later he made his professional debut at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Twice-nominated for the Junos, Daniel has released three solo albums and regularly collaborates with Canada’s best musicians across genres. Daniel has been a beloved teacher at KLKP for many years, and his bass playing is a constant on our concert stage.

Donna Turk (Fiddle: 2023 Both Weeks )

A long time KLKP instructor, Donna Turk is passionate about making fiddle music accessible for all ages and backgrounds. She led the acclaimed Bow Valley Fiddlers of Calgary for many years and taught in several Northern communities before moving to Forget, SK where she has an active studio and co-directs the fiddle/vocal ensemble Focal Point. Specializing in the Old Time fiddle style, Donna has toured around the world and her 2012 album combines spirited original tunes with historic favourites.


Ted View ART Both Weeks 2023

Ted View is an accomplished realist, whose work emphasizes the representation of living form. He has explored a number of media, producing large murals, acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings, graphite drawings, pen and ink pointillism, ceramic sculpture, and clay sculpture. His subjects are most often people, pets, and wildlife.