Our schedule combines intensive musical instruction with plenty of time to relax and enjoy your summer! Here’s what a typical day at KLKP looks like:
Many of our classes are held outdoors!

7:00 – Gentle yoga by the lake for the morning people, or extra time to sleep for everyone else.

7:30 – Breakfast with both hot and cold options.

8:00 – Time to have some coffee, do the crossword, chat with friends, anything you need to set the day up well.

8:40 – Full camp meeting! Learn more about the specific events of the day.

9:00 – The first group lesson of the day, with your home instructor.

9:50 – Lesson number two, with a different instructor.

The pool is a favorite of all ages.

10:30 – Mid-morning snack. With all the learning to be done, it’s important to keep your energy up!

10:50 – Lesson number three, perhaps in collaboration with another class.

12:00 – Lunch! Take advantage of our delicious home-cooked food, or bring your lunch and eat outside on a picnic table!

1:15 – Lesson number four, with your home instructor.

2:10 – An afternoon of possibilities! If you’re ready to keep learning, try a new square dance or learn how to sing in harmony at a workshop. If your brain needs a break, there is plenty of time to swim, nap, practice, read, or just hang out in nature.

Tim and Koady Chaisson treating us to some feisty East Coast tunes!

5:30 – Supper!

7:00 – Watch a concert featuring some of our talented instructors. With JUNO award winners and great personalities, you’re in for a treat. One evening each week instead of a concert we have a licensed dance with a live jam band!

9:30 – After every concert we have a old time dance! Waltz with your sweetie, or pick up the Schottische! After that, have fun at the nightly campfire, or jam inside . Under 19’s have a strict curfew to ensure they are healthy and safe, but adults can choose to pack it in early or stay up talking to new friends.

We provide the marshmallows!
Jam till you drop!