We are excited to have several new class options at KLKP this summer!

Week ONE and TWO: Art as a Registered Class

While we’ve had artists around campus for many years, now participants can choose to register for art instead of a musical instrument. This will be treated the same as instrument classes, with direct and progressing instruction from a dedicated instructor – Ted View in week one, and Bevin Bradley in week two.

Week ONE: Fiddle Masterclass in  composition: Adam Sutherland

One of Scotland’s/ the world’s finest fiddle composers, Adam is in much demand worldwide.  He has been commissioned to write new tunes, to arrange tunes for duos and large orchestras and has many composition credits to his name. IN 2017 he was crowned the  Scottish composer of the year, and his deep level of expertise really shines when he works collaboratively with others.   Not only will the music be fine, but he craic will be enormous, and musicians will enjoy spending time with this fine example of creativity.

Week TWO:  Song-writing with Anthony Kelly

Surrounded by some of the finest musicians in the world, songwriters will not only get to sit in nature and create amazing personal music with a master craftsman, but they will also have the chance to have other musicians collaborate on their songs by adding fills and backup lines as desired.  Imagine, having a tune in your head, and access to some of the world’s best musicians to help bring it to life with you?  You’ll also have the chance to work with Rob Skeet and touch on the skills of creating an entertaining SHOW in addition to lovely music!

Anthony has an amazing skill at crafting melodies and words and weaving them together. Though he personally works mostly in the country genre, he is adept at assisting other songwriters hone their ideas and staying true to their own voices.

Week TWO: Entertainer 101 With Rob Skeet

You can sing. You can play an instrument ( maybe not super well, but you can play enough chords to do a mean Elvis song)   Now what?  What skills can take a good performance and turn it into serious entertainment?  

Rob Skeet is entertainer extraordinaire.  While some performers have difficulty finding gigs, Rob’s main difficulty is fitting in his day job (eLearning Production) between performances.  Elton John Tribute shows, musical theatre, lively musical performances as a solo, duo or with a full band, Rob’s ability to entertain an audience is legendary in Calgary and beyond.

But HOW does he do it?  What should a musician know and practise and try in order to find their own individual entertainment skills? 

Rob has designed a dynamic curriculum to engage musicians in creating their own showcases, paying attention to the elements which elevate their performance to entertainment, and challenging participants to explore out of their initial comfort zone and find their own groove. 

Rob will show you how to take an audience along with you on your musical ride.

Participants will not emerge as copies of Rob Skeet. They will explore techniques to create their best version of their performer self.