Design Your KLKP Experience

Having trouble making choices on your registration form? Here is more in-depth information about the form! If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

KLKP camp fees vary depending on your preferences. You design your KLKP package by choosing one option from each of the following categories:

A. Participation:

Full Instruction


  • Full access to daily world-class instruction, jamming, and workshops Admission to all nightly concerts Optional Dance, Art and Yoga Workshops Full facility use (Pool, kayaks, campfire treats, morning coffee and afternoon munchies) Includes a handmade KLKP reusable bag and a souvenir programme

Campus Pass (No Instruction)


  • For any attendees over the age of 5 not participating in musical instruction Admission to nightly concerts Optional Dance, Art and Yoga Workshops Full facility access (pool, kayaks, campfire munchies, morning coffee and afternoon snacks) Includes a handmade KLKP reusable bag and a souvenir programme

Please note:

Everyone who is on campus (with exception of only coming for evening concerts and dances) MUST be registered with the camp.

If you are under 16 years of age, you must have an on-site, adult guardian, who will be on campus when you are. This guardian must also register with KLKP ( either as a participant OR with a campus pass) OR participants age 9-15 can be supervised by one of our camp counsellors (Let us know when you register if your child will need counsellor supervision).

If you are a non-participant that will only attend for a few days, there are “guest passes” available at a daily fee. Please inquire at registration.

2019 Optional activities to be confirmed! Keep checking our website for updates!

In the past, we have included optional art on site as well as yoga, Moccasin making, and cultural crafts.

Week ONE: Artist in Residence: Bevin Bradley:

Week TWO: Ted View

B. Accommodations

Available from Sunday night after 6:00 pm to Saturday morning 10:00 am. PLEASE NOTE: Some accommodations are charged per participant, while others are charged per space. For example, if there are three people staying in a forest cabin, the fee only has to be paid ONCE.


$0/ participant

  • Choose “Off-site” if you plan on staying somewhere that is not on the KLKP campus. This may include a residential cabin, the provincial camp ground, a friend’s house, etc.

    Note: the 2019 MMPP camping fees with electricity is $32 per night, and we have a special arrangement allowing us to charge less than the park rate, because we pay a flat fee to the MMPP.  However, it is possible to camp in Fish Creek camp ground if you prefer, instead of onsite at KLKP, but it will be a drive or a solid bike ride to our facility each day.  Here is the link to camping at MMPP


$75/ participant

  • Shared, rustic bunkhouse with those of your own gender. These cabins may be used during the day for group lessons, so be prepared to keep your belongings stowed. Each person is usually allotted one whole bunk bed, top and bottom  Central in the camp, close to the washrooms / showers, and have electrical outlets

Camper/Tent on Campus

$140/ site

  • Choose this if you would like to camp on-site. (Please let us know if you have a huuuuuge camper.) No sewage / water hook up on-site Electricity and generator use must be minimal. Tenters and campers are welcome to use site bathrooms/showers Kitchen available for Camper Use

Mother Teresa Centre Room

$420/ room

  • FULL FOR 2019 Private, furnished room in the Mother Teresa Centre (MTC). The MTC is the social centre of the camp. It has a large communal kitchen / living room area, where the camp typically gathers to visit and jam during the day and in the evenings. The private rooms are located down a hallway, which is separated by a door from the main room. Rooms includes one double bed, and one bunk bed, full electricity and lights. Rooms lock from the inside, but there are no keys for the rooms. No private washrooms, but there are two individual shower rooms, and three washrooms in the MTC. Please note that though we try to keep the noise level down, this may not be the most quiet and peaceful place to stay. A good pair of earplugs would certainly be an asset. If you have your heart set on one of these rooms, please consider registering early, as they are the first to fill up!

Forest Cabin

$230/ cabin

  • FULL FOR 2019 Private, quiet cabin. Located in the wooded area around campus. Accessible only through paths in the trees Cabins do not have washrooms, and are the furthest accommodations from the rest of the camp (though not extreme). Cabins have one double bed, electricity and lights.

Come n See Room

$230/ room

  • Small, quiet, private room in the rustic Come n See cabin. Rooms include one double bed, electricity and lights. The whole cabin is comprised of a living room / kitchen area, four bedrooms, and two shared washrooms / showers. Living room is usually used for group lessons during the day

Rustic Family Cabin

$280/ cabin

  • Private, rustic cabin suitable for a family Centrally located, and are very close to the communal washrooms / showers. Cabins usually have at least one double bed and one or two bunk beds. Please indicate how many people will be staying in these cabins so we can put you in one suiting your needs

You can scroll through here to see what accommodations still available. This form will be updated on Fridays!

Here is a map of the accommodations for reference:

C. Meals:   

Meals are available at an additional cost. There are three options for you to choose from:

No Meals

$0/ Participant

  • You provide your own meals during camp There is a kitchen available for your use in the Come N See cabin.

All Meals

$190/ Participant age 9 or over

  • All meals provided. Served buffet style at breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and supper. PLEASE NOTE: Children Under 9 only pay $110 for full meal package

Lunch and Snacks

$100/ participant age 9 or over

  • Access to just the morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. This package is ideal for those who are not staying on campus, but do not wish to worry about providing their own meals. PLEASE NOTE: Children under 9 only pay $70 for this package

If you decide to eat with us, but have dietary restrictions, please indicate what those restrictions are on your registration form. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. If your restrictions are very extreme (ie deathly allergies), please consider providing your own meals.

D. Instrument / Ability

Choose your instrument!

You are responsible for providing your own instrument at KLKP.

We ask that you choose only one instrument in which to take your primary instruction.

If you play more than one instrument, there will be opportunities to attend workshops in other disciplines (provided you have your own instrument).

If you wish to focus on more than one instrument, we recommend attending both weeks of camp, each week with a different instrument as your primary focus.

Piano Students – if you would like for KLKP to provide you with a piano, please select “yes” to include a piano rental. [$60] We will arrange for the rental, transport and have it ready for you when you arrive at KLKP. However, if you’d like to rent your OWN from Long and McQuade, this option is cheaper. You are free to bring your own keyboard if you have one.

Choose your ability.

Please choose the option that best describes your ability in the instrument you have registered for. We do not do auditions, but instead will assign classes based upon your self-identification in your registration form.  KLKP will MOVE participants to different classes as needed to best suit learning purposes.