“One of the reasons we keep coming back to KLKP with our family is the opportunity to rub shoulders with such high-calibre musicians–both camp participants and instructors. Our daughters are always inspired by watching other kids their age play their hearts out and, of course, by the instructors whose joy and enthusiasm matches their level of talent. Also, the nightly dances and concerts are a big highlight for the whole family! We’ve repeatedly chosen KLKP as our summer holiday destination and recognize its significant impact on our family’s musical journey.

“I love the sense of community. I feel like I belong at camp and this is my family. Every time I arrive at camp it’s like returning home. I’ve also learned to keep on trying. I also try to remember that it’s my journey and that I don’t need to be comparing myself to others, especially to the youngsters who pick things up way quicker than I do.”

“Without a doubt, the people are my favourite thing about camp. When I try to explain to people who have never been, I usually say ‘it’s like a family reunion where you like EVERYONE.’ It’s amazing to spend time with a group of people who are all on the same wavelength. I have no doubt that I’m a better musician because of the amazing musicians I’ve worked with at camp, but I think the most important thing I’ve learned from KLKP is what a great community works. I always come away resolving to be humbler and kinder as well as with greater resolve to bring the best parts of the Kitchen Party into my own musical community.”

“One of my favourite memories of camp is the first time I saw a instructor concert. It was amazing! I had never seen anything like that before and I remember wishing I could make music like that someday. I also love how everybody plays music and all the people are friendly and kind to each other. Everyone belongs at camp and nobody gets left out.”