WHAT are we?

Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party (KLKP) is a music camp for ALL ages and abilities offering instruction in guitar, fiddle, cello, piano, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and voice. Our camp uses primarily aural methods of learning – no music reading skills required! While many of our instructors specialize in traditional Canadian fiddle music, genres like folk, blues, rock, bluegrass, country, pop, classical, and just about any other type of music you can think of are celebrated at the Kitchen Party.

WHY should I come?

KLKP is like an immersion language experience: By attending, you are hearing the best players and receiving instruction from the best teachers, but you are also watching the best collaborations and seeing the care and attention that truly fine musicians pay to each other and to their students. You’ll watch how music brings people together in the finest sense, and become part of the KLKP team.

You’ll finally find that “musical family” which welcomes all, and embraces families, children, elders, novices and experience player alike. There is no pecking order. There is no hierarchy. We are all simply musicians at different stages of our musical journey, and this is a soul-nurturing experience that will sustain your creative side for the full year.

We are not just about fantastic musical instruction, though that IS the backbone of our camp and our instructors are chosen because (in part) of their ability to teach.

We are not just an amazing performance venue for 20 of Canada’s best traditional musicians (each week!), though we do offer that as well.

We are a camp where the participants are foremost, where a family is created of disparate elements with one desire in common: to play music together. KLKP is a place where everyone pitches in, becomes part of the family, looks out for each other, supports the efforts of the whole, and leaves camp changed and ready to form their own musical-family circles in their own home communities.

WHEN are we?

KLKP runs for two five-day sessions in August every summer. Check the main page for the dates of the current year!

You have the option of arriving either Sunday night or first-thing Monday morning, and departing either Friday evening or Saturday morning! That means that we offer FIVE full and jam packed (forgive the pun) days of musical instruction, plus plenty of time for the joy of the “arrival hangout” and the end-of-camp chill.


WHERE are we?

KLKP is hosted at the Catholic Camp Kenosee, located in the Moose Mountain Provincial Park, situated in the Southeast corner of Saskatchewan. You can see pictures of their wonderful facilities by visiting their website.

The facility includes a main building called the Mother Teresa Centre (MTC), which acts as the Kitchen for our Kitchen Party. The MTC houses most of the instructors, and some rooms are available for registrants’ accommodations. Most importantly, it’s the place where you can have a cup of coffee, jam with friends, or challenge your loved one to a game of Bananagrams.

The rest of the camp is made up of several bunkhouses, a few, very rustic family cabins, a handful of private wilderness cabins, a large camping area, as well as the mess hall, the outdoor chapel where concerts are held, washrooms/showers and several other multi-purpose cabins.

The facility also boasts a pool and full basketball court ,which are available for participants’ use, as well as canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and life jackets to enjoy on the lake during down time.

To see a full run down of available accommodations, please see our Registration Page.

How much is Camp?

With a wide range of accommodation and meal plan options, the pricing of KLKP is very flexible. See our registration page for more detailed information on pricing options. We pack five hours of instruction, free concerts, excellent facilities, fun jams, and optional activities like yoga and dance workshops into your tuition, so KLKP is a highly cost-effective musical experience.

We are happy to work with individuals and families to try to remove any potential financial barriers, as we believe musical education is for EVERYONE. If you need any help in order to be able to attend, please contact us to discuss bartering opportunities and other ideas to lessen the cost of attendance.

We also have an opportunity for children, ages 9 and up, to attend without a parent! In partnership with the Kenosee Boys and Girls camp, they are supplying experienced camp counsellors to supervise children and to engage them in fun CAMP activities like forest games, canoeing and kayaking, supervised swimming and tomfoolery! There is a small additional fee for this enhanced ability to send your child for amazing musical instruction AND a traditional camp experience!