Kitchen Party Music Inc. is the registered SK. non-profit organization which runs The Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party. Run by volunteers, we are striving towards year-round programming, because Kitchen Party Music Inc. is dedicated to creating sustainable collaborative musical experiences by  working together with communities in S.E. Saskatchewan.

Which is why to date, we have focused most of our energies on creating the main event of the year: our wonderful Music Camp.

A brief snapshot of KLKP Life

In all of our year-round activities we focus on a cooperative atmosphere, where all participants (regardless of age or ability) are valuable and vital contributors. And at The Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party, this philosophy is central to our camp.

So, let’s talk about how that happens at KLKP!

How do we do promote this philosophy in a camp setting?  Firstly, we actively encourage families to attend as a unit because we believe that music best grows in the nurturing environment of our families. We offer specialized children’s classes and experiences (like the Kids’ collaboration project and the Kids’ square dance in the pool), but we also offer a high quality program to adult and advanced players by encouraging collaboration and jamming.

Then, we work hard at creating a musical family at the camp, where, even if a participant arrives solo, they are quickly embraced into a real family on campus.

Finally, we assemble the finest team of instructors and human-beings we can find: musicians who not only excel at their craft, but who are also great role models on many levels, and yet are also just members of our musical family who can guide us to become better musicians. Our class sizes are small, the individual attention is abundant and opportunities to collaborate with other fantastic musicians on performances abound!

Our camp focuses on inclusion, collaboration, excellence  and cooperation. We are helping to build a caring community of talented musicians and extended family which lasts beyond the borders of the summer camp, and throughout the year as networks extend and participants take our challenges home with them and continue to build “the musical community” where they live.